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Mastering High-Fidelity Scenes in Web Games

Group Class

A one-of-a-kind mentorship program designed to equip web developers with the expertise to create intricate and performance-optimized 3D environments.

Participants will delve into advanced techniques, mastering the art of crafting content heavy scenes while ensuring optimal performance within web-based gaming platforms.

We will be coding from scratch together, creating powerful yet easy-to-use systems for your new or existing projects.

Length: 6 weeks

Time: January 27th to March 2nd, Saturdays 18:00 CET.

The live course has ended, code & recordings are now available at a discounted price!

Platform: PlayCanvas (WebGL/WebGPU game engine) and Blender. The concepts presented are applicable to other 3D engines and modeling applications.

Level: Basic JavaScript experience is required. While elementary PlayCanvas knowledge is beneficial, it is not mandatory. The concepts presented are applicable to other WebGL/WebGPU 3D engines.

Exercises: Optional practical exercises on lecture material with live feedback every week.

Goal: Upon concluding this class, participants will possess the knowledge and ability to identify various bottlenecks in their 3D projects and apply industry-standard solutions to improve performance.

Ended March 2nd 2024








HTML5, JavaScript, WebGL, PlayCanvas, Blender, Performance, GameDev, Open Worlds

Solar Tools SDK

A collection of powerful tools that extend the PlayCanvas platform.

Pirron Pool

Complex archviz scene transferred from Unreal Engine and rendered in real-time in PlayCanvas.


A procedural generated sandbox social MMO in development.


An open world casual web game for Poki.

Discover the secrets to crafting projects like these!

* Class has finished,
Recordings available!

Week 1 : Optimizing Draw Calls, build your own Automatic Instancer

Learn to significantly enhance rendering efficiency by implementing a production ready automatic hardware instancer. Reduce draw calls and maximize performance in your web game environments.

Downloadable material

  • Live session recording, 1h 33m long.
  • PlayCanvas exported project.
  • Home exercises.

Week 2 : Custom Visibility Culling

Add customized visibility checks in your auto instancer, ensuring optimal rendering performance based on object proximity and scene complexity.

Downloadable material

  • Live session recording, 1h 34m long.
  • PlayCanvas exported project.
  • Home exercises.

Week 3 : Dynamic Camera based Level of Details

Explore strategies to implement dynamic Level of Detail (LOD) systems in the same way commercial native engines and AAA games do.

Downloadable material

  • Live session recording, 1h 03m long.
  • PlayCanvas exported project.
  • Home exercises.

Week 4 : Cells based visibility, adding real-time shadows for instanced objects

Strike the perfect balance between visual quality and performance, learn how to add real-time shadows without killing performance even on lower-end devices.

Downloadable material

  • Live session recording, 1h 22m long.
  • PlayCanvas exported project.
  • Home exercises.

Week 5 : Strategies to handle Collisions and Physics in Open Worlds, Mastering the PlayCanvas Profiler

Learn how to prepare and reuse regular mesh colliders to easily enable player interaction in all kinds of surfaces, without running out of memory or hurting performance. Harness the power of the PlayCanvas profiler to analyze and interpret various metrics. Learn to fine-tune game performance by deciphering and acting upon crucial performance indicators.

Downloadable material

  • Live session recording, 1h 24m long.
  • PlayCanvas exported project.

Week 6 : Optimizing Content Creation Workflow with Blender

Maximize the potential of Blender for game asset creation and optimization. Learn the best practices and techniques to prepare 3D content efficiently for seamless integration into your web-based games. Reflect on various strategies on how to optimize your game or application.

Downloadable material

  • Live session recording, 1h 53m long.

Leonidas Maliokas


Leonidas is a skilled PlayCanvas and WebGL developer with 12 years of hands-on experience. He has successfully contributed to various projects spanning games, apps, and websites. Beyond his development work, Leonidas actively trains and mentors both individuals and enterprise groups, demonstrating his dedication to sharing knowledge and supporting others within the field.

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